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August 1, 2013

Multiple Landing Pages for ClickBank Vendors

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank vendor and affiliate. We may earn a commission if you buy one of our products, or if you join ClickBank as a vendor.

One of the coolest things about selling digital products via ClickBank as a vendor, is that after you get your account activated (US $49.95 activation fee for ClickBank DIY), you can sell multiple products - up to 500 different products - using a single ClickBank account. Additionally, you can benefit from traffic provided by ClickBank affiliates, by offering them a commission for each sale - and ClickBank deals with all the hassle of tracking and paying affiliates. However, ClickBank has one limitation - normally you only get 1 single landing page for all your products and affiliates - although fortunately, there are ways around it.

First of all, before telling you the solution, let me explain why this is an issue:

  • Imagine for example, you are selling several different eBooks from your ClickBank account. For example, you might specialize in writing books about home improvement, so you might have written books about bathrooms, kitchens, decorating, landscape gardening etc., Now, the best way for affiliates to promote these eBooks is to write reviews and articles on each topic - and try to drive sales of the corresponding eBook. However, since ClickBank normally only allows one landing page for your entire account, every visitor would instead be sent to the front page of your store, and must then find their own way to the appropriate eBook - of course many visitors will get lost, get distracted, lose interest, etc., - resulting in much poorer sales than could otherwise have been the case.
  • It gets even worse if the products you want to sell are not closely related. There is no reason why you might not to sell, for example, home improvement eBooks, and also eBooks about fitness, and also perhaps eBooks about pet care. The problem however is that if affiliates can not directly promote specific eBooks in your catalog, and must instead link to the front page of a general store, it is virtually impossible for them to promote your products effectively.
  • Finally, there are also situations where one product can appeal to multiple audiences, and you would like to have sales letters (pitch pages) suitable for each audience. For example, imagine you have written a book about eating a healthy diet. In that case, you would probably want to use a different sales letter, depending on whether the reader is a young woman, a new mother, a middle-aged man, etc. And in this event, if you would like your affiliates to be able to link to the best sales letter for them - the affiliate who owns a parenting forum, can link to the new mother’s version of the sales letter, and the affiliate who owns a site about Twilight, might like to the young woman’s version of the sales letter, etc.

So what is the solution to this problem?

One option is to open another ClickBank vendor account for each product that you want to sell. The problem with this, is that each account has a separate activation fee, you will find you get paid less frequently (because it is harder to hit minimums and customer distribution requirements), may end-up paying more in operating fees to ClickBank (for example check issuing fees, and dormant account fees if one of your products is selling slowly), and the whole thing is a lot harder to manage.

The alternative solution that our company has developed is called CBMultiLink. It lets you offer multiple landing pages to your affiliates, but using a single ClickBank account - saving you hassle and money.

As well as this CBMultiLink also provides a free link generator and link cloaking to your affiliates, helps you increase your account’s ClickBank gravity (which helps you recruit more affiliates and get more sales), and is dead easy to set up.

Here’s a video explaining CBMultiLink in more detail:

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• • •

July 31, 2013

Why you need to secure your ClickBank Thank You Page

Category: Internet Marketing, Webmasters/Web Design, ClickBank — Answers 2000 @ 4:58 pm

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank vendor and affiliate. We may earn a commission if you buy one of our products, or one of the third party products/services mentioned in the article, including if you join ClickBank as a vendor.

My previous article ClickBank Thank You Page Protection Made Easy prompted a number of questions - what is a ClickBank Thank You page, and why do you need to protect it?

So, in this article, I’ll try and address that, and explain from the beginning… (note: a slightly different, shorter and less detailed version of this article has also been posted to EzineArticles under my name, Sunil Tanna).

Okay, first question: What is ClickBank?

Basically ClickBank is a retailer of digital products delivered via the Internet, for example eBooks and software, delivered to customers a download. You have two main options for joining ClickBank:

  1. Firstly, you can join ClickBank as an affiliate. Joining as an affiliate allows you to help sell other people’s products (by linking to them) and earn a commission.
  2. Alternatively, you can join ClickBank as a vendor. As a vendor, you can still earn affiliate commissions, but in addition, you can list your own digital products for sale.

Traditionally these were the only two options in ClickBank, but in early 2013, ClickBank added two sub-options within each category:

  • The Affiliate option was split into “ClickBank for Affiliates” (the same as ClickBank’s traditional system and free to join), and ClickBank Audience Builder, which for a monthly fee added a web hosting service and an autoresponder.
  • The Vendor option was split into “ClickBank DIY” (the same as ClickBank’s traditional system and based around running your own website), and ClickBank Powered, in which ClickBank hosts the sales site for you in return for a monthly fee.

I can’t really say how many people are using Powered by ClickBank - we are using ClickBank DIY ourselves, and so is every other vendor site that I have so far seen… so the rest of this article is about ClickBank DIY:

Anyway, if you are a ClickBank DIY vendor selling a product through ClickBank’s system, one of the issues that you should carefully think about is thank you page security. The reason for this, is that if you do not, others may take advantage of weaknesses in your security to download or share your product without authorization – which will cut into your sales and profits.

Some people say that you should not worry about piracy, since pirates would never buy your product anyway. My own personal experience and opinion differs however. I believe that there are of course some hardcore pirates who would never pay (and correspondingly there are many honest people who will always for a legitimate copy of product), but I also believe that there are many people in the middle – people who will pirate if piracy is convenient and easy, but who would pay if that is a better alternative.

Basically the way that ClickBank’s vendor system (after ClickBank’s recent changes, this is now known as “ClickBank DIY”) works is quite simple:

  1. The prospective customer visits a “Pitch Page” on your website that describes your product.
  2. When they are ready to buy, the customer clicks the payment link on the pitch page.
  3. The customer is then directed to ClickBank’s secure order form (ClickBank acts as the retailer for the product)
  4. After the customer pays through the secure order form, they are then sent back to a page on your website, known as your “Thank You Page”, where you can thank the customer for purchasing the product, and offer them instructions for downloading.

The beauty of this system is that it is very easy to set up and get started – even relatively inexperienced webmasters can set up a product sales site with just a few hours work. However, the weakness of following the simple and naive approach to setting up in this way is that the Thank You Page URL (used in step 4) is basically the same for everybody. This means the URL of the Thank You page can be shared without your permission!

You might find the Thank You URL getting emailed around between friends wanting to download your product, posted on black hat forums, and even getting indexed by search engines. In the latter case, people finding your site in a search engine, might even end-up going to your Thank You page and downloading your product without even realizing that they were supposed to pay! ClickBank suggests adding noindex metatag to the Thank You page which may help a bit in the case of those search engines which pay attention to metatags (not all of them), but you need to do quite a bit more if you want to stop the other kinds of sharing.

There is a solution: to use a script on your server which generates a unique Thank You Page for each customer. The purpose of this is that access to that Thank You Page is limited – so that after the customer has finished using it, that particular Thank You Page can’t be used again and again by other people to access the same product(s) without permission.

There are quite a few scripts on the market you could use for this purpose, including DLGuard, EasyClickGuard, Linklok for ClickBank, as well as our own (new) CB Thank You Page Protector.

Of course, it’s up to you which script you choose but I’m going to urge you to seriously consider CB Thank You Page Protector for a few reasons:

  1. We are cheaper than our competitors
  2. We believe that we are better than our competitors

Firstly, and for a lot of people the most important reason why we are better is that CB Thank You Page Protector is incredibly easy to setup. Use your web host’s control panel to make a new email address/mailbox on your site, upload our script files, and then follow the instructions. We even tell you how to set up your ClickBank account! It is really is that easy - watch the video and see yourself! Unlike our competitors, you don’t need to mess around with text files, creating databases, etc., etc.,

Secondly, we don’t just protect your thank you pages, but also protect the downloadable files (ZIP files, EXE files, PDF files, etc.) linked from your Thank You Page. This is so people can’t bypass the Thank You page and link directly to the downloads on your server.

All of this is (of course) completely transparent to your legitimate customers – we fully understand that a security solution that causes them difficulty is the last thing that you want!

In fact, we’ve gone even further: We’ve created a Thank You Page solution, which actually enhances your customer’s experience, and can even help you reduce refunds and charge-backs:

  1. It will let you, the vendor, to design your Thank You Page to look exactly how you want it – so that you can offer your customers the best experience possible (rather than making you use only pre-made templates, etc.).
  2. It will allow you to generate a personalized Thank You Page for each of your customers containing their information – such as their name, the time they purchased, their receipt number, etc.
  3. It will allow you to set up automatic Thank You emails to your customers – again written by you, in your own words, but personalized for each customer. You can use these emails to thank the customer for their purchase, tell them about your other offerings and products, give them your contact details in case of problems, and remind them of their receipt number and how the charge will show on their billing statement. These kinds of simple enhancement to communication can have wonderful effects in terms of improving relationships with your customers and helping to reduce refunds and charge-backs (many customers simply forget what they purchased for example – so a reminder of this type can help).

In summary, taking care of your ClickBank Thank You Pages can make quite a big difference to your ClickBank business selling eBooks or software. Improving security on your Thank You Pages and downloads, can reduce piracy, and increase sales. Moreover, taking care of your legitimate customers, by offering personalized Thank You Pages and thank you email messages, can help reduce refunds and charge-backs, and help you to build relationships with your customers allowing you to sell more of your other products. For this reason, I’d strongly urge you to take a look at CB Thank You Page Protector, I think you will find it more than worth the modest investment required to use it.

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• • •

July 26, 2013

ClickBank Thank You Page Protection Made Easy!

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank vendor and affiliate. We may earn a commission if you buy one of our products, or one of the third party products/services mentioned in the article, including if you join ClickBank as a vendor.

CB Thank You Page Protector is a PHP Script for ClickBank vendors available from http://www.marketingrocket.com/tscbsecure.php and http://www.scriptrocket.com/tscbsecure.php

The script prevents unauthorized users from accessing ClickBank Thank You Pages, Downloads, or sharing links to these pages or downloads. It also helps you improve your customer service, build relationships with customers, reduce charge-backs and refunds, and promote additional product sales to your customers.

Each product’s Thank You Page can be customized as much as you want, and can include dynamically customer-specific information such as the date/time of purchase, the customer’s name, customer’s country, the receipt number, etc.

Additionally, CB Thank You Page Protector can send an automatic thank you email to each of your customers. Once again, this can be customized as much as you wish, and can include customer-specific information such as the customer’s name and receipt number. You can use this feature to build relationships with customers, tell them about other products that you offer (and thus boost your sales), and to remind customers of what they purchased, their receipt number, how the charge will show on their billing statement, etc., (which can help reduce charge-backs and refunds).

Finally CB Thank You Page Protector also includes an automatic notification email. You can get the software to automatically send a notification email to an email address of your choice after each sale. The notification email can also be fully customized, and can include customer-specific information. You can use this feature to notify yourself or your staff about new customers, or to interface with external third party systems and software such as autoresponders and customer-service applications.

To find out more about CB Thank You Page Protector, or to get a copy for your website, please go to http://www.marketingrocket.com/tscbsecure.php or http://www.scriptrocket.com/tscbsecure.php

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• • •

May 11, 2013

Free Link Cloaker Script

Category: Affiliate Programs, Internet Marketing, Webmasters/Web Design, ClickBank — Answers 2000 @ 12:56 pm

We are pleased to announce the release of “Quick Link Cloaker”, an easy-to-use PHP Script for cloaking your affiliate links. The purpose of this script is to hide your affiliate id in a link, so as to prevent other people substituting in their own affiliate id (so as to “steal” your commission), or removing your affiliate id (since some people wrongly believe that if an affiliate earns commission that they end up paying more).

The nice thing about this script, is that you can generate an unlimited number of cloaked links with virtually no effort. Simply log-in to the admin area of the script, paste in the affiliate link, and you immediately get a cloaked version of the link back.

Quick Link Cloaker script also has the advantage that you are not dependent on some third party service (like URL shorteners) that could be down, go out of business, have incompatible terms of service, etc.

Quick Link Cloaker works on pretty much any host that supports PHP. The installation procedure is basically upload the files to your webhost, go to the admin page and follow the instructions. No editing of text files or anything like that. So, in other words, it is very easy.

Example of cloaking a link….

Before cloaking, say your affiliate link could be something like


After cloaking your link might look something like




Please note: if you need cloaking and tracking of your links performance - then please check out our ad tracking PHP script - click/counter tracker.

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• • •

May 9, 2013

Legal Copyright-Safe Images for Your Website or Blog

Category: Affiliate Programs, Webmasters/Web Design — Answers 2000 @ 4:30 pm

Disclosure: Our company is an AllPosters Affiliate. We may earn a commission if you buy a product after following a link from AllPosters. We may also earn commissions from sales of other affiliates that we help AllPosters recruit.

Lots of people create websites or blogs, and then wonder where they can get images to put on them. There are quite a few different options, but sadly many people choose the worst option and end up getting into all sorts of difficulties as a result. In this article, I’m going to talk about the different options for getting pictures for your website or blog.

Please note: I am not a lawyer. This article is not intended as legal advice. This article is just my layman’s understanding of some of the general issues about using images on a website Please consult a lawyer if you want legal advice about your particular circumstances or particular scenarios that are applicable to you.

Okay what are the options?

  1. The first option, the worst option - and the option that I would not recommend is just to help yourself to images that you find online at other websites. The problem is that such images are usually protected by copyright (and possibly other rights), and if you copy them to your site, even with perhaps some modifications, you will be most likely infringing the owner’s copyright. The consequences when you get caught can be quite bad:
    • The owner/rights-holder may sue you
    • The owner/rights-holder may demand that you pay license fees for your infringement, and threaten to sue you if you don’t
    • The owner/rights-holder may get your web-host, domain registrar, etc. to shut your website down (for example by using the “DMCA”)
    • The owner/rights-holder may contact your partners, advertisers, affiliate programs, etc.. At best you may find yourself facing some awkward questions. At worst, these companies may no longer wish to work with you - for example, you could get terminated from affiliate programs.

    Will you get caught? Of course there is no guarantee that you will or won’t be caught - but the odds of being caught are substantially higher than you might think - since major rights-holders have automated software which can scan the web for infringing images. In other words, even if you aren’t caught immediately - you could be caught at any time - which frankly isn’t a position that you would want to be in.

  2. The second option is to photograph/create the images yourself. Generally speaking you will own the copyright of images that you create (although you will still need to be careful so not to infringe trademarks, people’s rights to privacy, etc.). Of course, the downside to creating your own images, is that even if you have the skill, you may not have the time.

    Moreover, as a practical matter, it may not be possible to get some of the images that you might want this way: If you need a picture of a particular Hollywood starlet, are you going to fly to Los Angeles?

  3. The next option is to use public domain images. Public domain images are images which are not protected by copyright, either because they are so many decades old that the copyright expired, or because the rights-holder has specifically chosen to release the image into the public domain.

    As with your own photographs, you need to be careful of rights other than copyright - for example, the privacy rights of people in the photographs. Additionally, you should also be aware that copyright durations last different amounts of time in different countries - an image which is public domain in one country may still be copyrighted in another.

    That said, public domain can be a great choice if you can find the image you want - public domain collections tend to be heavily biased towards historical photographs from many years ago, etc., rather than commercially orientated images.

  4. Another option is to use permissively licensed images. These are images where the rights-holder has allowed very broad usage, with few restrictions, usually without any associated charges or fees.

    Again, it can be hard to find commercially-orientated images this way, but if you do find what you need, great! Be sure to carefully read the license terms - as some licensors may not allow use of their images on websites that generate revenue (commercial web sites), etc.

  5. The next option is to commercially license the images. You can license images from stock photo companies. Additionally, some clip art collections include photographs with a grant of rights that permits the use of the images online.

    Again, be sure that you do carefully read the license terms!

  6. Finally, one option that I think you should consider is to join the AllPosters affiliate program.

    Joining the affiliate program is free, and once you join you can link to any one of thousands of posters (using a thumbnail or full-size image link). Moreover, you even earn commission on sales of the posters!

    In other words, this is a way to legally and affordably (or in this case free) get a wide choice of images that you can incorporate on your websites or blogs.

    Here are some example images:

    Singer Christina Aguilera

    Singer Christina…
    Dave Allocca
    Buy This at Allposters.com
    Dinosaurs - Cretaceous Period

    Dinosaurs -…

    Buy This at Allposters.com

    Kerne Erickson
    Buy This at Allposters.com
    Star Wars- Return of the Jedi

    Star Wars- Return…

    Buy This at Allposters.com

    Do you know anywhere else I could get such a great choice of celebrity images, travel destinations, educational images, etc., without paying royalties?

    And don’t forget images such as these can earn money - if click on and buy one of these posters, my company earns a commission (so please feel free to buy one of these posters :-) )


• • •

May 2, 2013

Open Source and Derivative Works

Category: Webmasters/Web Design, ...Everything Else — Answers 2000 @ 8:35 pm

Many software programs, including WordPress, the popular blogging software, are released under open source licenses such as the GPL. When programs are released under an open source license, you are generally allowed to not only use them, but modify them for your own purposes (creating what is known as a “derivative work”), and in most cases, distribute either the original or modified program to others.

Of course there are terms and conditions that apply even with open source licenses. For example, the terms and conditions may specify that when you distribute to others, you must do so under a particular license. The exact terms and conditions vary depending on which particular open source license applies.

In our new video, open source and derivative works, we discuss what is a derivative work of a software program, and what sort of terms and conditions apply to derivative works with three of the most common open source licenses: BSD, the GPL, and the LGPL.


• • •

May 1, 2013

ClickBank Payment Button Graphics

Category: Company Announcements, Internet Marketing, Webmasters/Web Design, ClickBank — Answers 2000 @ 12:27 pm

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank Vendor and Affiliate, and has been for more than 14 years. We earn money by selling our own products through ClickBank, as well as earning affiliate commission on other products sold by ClickBank, including ClickBank’s own products/services.

Regular readers of this blog, will know that our company offers two great packages of graphics for webmasters:

  1. Internet Marketing Graphics Pack - A great package of graphics and web-design elements for eCommerce and small business websites.
  2. ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack - A collection of graphics and web-design elements, especially designed/chosen for ClickBank vendors, that is people/businesses who are selling their own products through ClickBank.

We are please to announce a major enhancement to the ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack:

Our company (Answers 2000) has just signed a special agreement with ClickBank (as an Addendum to the standard ClickBank Client Contract). This agreement allows us to include ClickBank’s trademarked logos, as part of the graphics included with the ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack.

The result of this is the package now includes some really cool ClickBank-specific payment buttons as shown in the examples below (obviously the real payment buttons included in our ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack are not watermarked).

And don’t forget as well as well as payment buttons like these, the ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack includes more than 300 different payment/download/join/action buttons, and more than 1,000 graphics in total. The graphics also include guarantee logos, money graphics, check marks, bullets, arrows, price stickers, badges, and tons of other stuff that can enhance your ClickBank pitch pages.

Check it out! ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack

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• • •

March 14, 2013

Membership Site Graphics Pack (with Resell Rights)

Category: Company Announcements, Webmasters/Web Design, ClickBank — Answers 2000 @ 1:51 pm

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank Vendor and Affiliate, and has been for more than 14 years. We earn money by selling our own products through ClickBank, as well as earning affiliate commission on other products sold by ClickBank, including ClickBank’s own products/services. Products/services mentioned in this review include products which we are affiliates of, and which we may earn a commission if you buy one of these products after following a link from this review.

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the best ways to earn money with ClickBank is to start a membership site. Basically the idea is that instead of earning a one-off sum from selling an eBook or software download, you can make a site containing private content, which your customers pay every month to continue to access.

With ClickBank’s recurring billing feature, and using the right software tools (Easy Member Pro or Member Desk), this type of business can be quite easy to operate.

Of course, you still need to provide valuable content within your membership, and you need to create a strong pitch page (sales letter) explaining why people should join your membership site. To help with the latter, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new free product, the Membership Site Graphics Pack.

The Membership Site Graphics pack includes a collection of graphics that you can use to enhance your membership site’s pitch pages, and entice people to join. Alternatively (or additionally if you like), you are free to redistribute the Membership Site Graphics Pack - you can give it away (for example as a gift to email list subscribers from your squeeze page), or resell it.

Here’s the main items inside:

  • 40 PNG Images of membership card graphics (these are ready-to-use graphics)
  • 20 editable CFP files: The easiest way to edit or design new membership cards is to open one of these CFP files into the CoverFactory software. Then, make whatever changes that you want. Finallyuse "Render to File…" (on the "Render" menu), to create a PNG or JPEG image of your updated card image.
  • PNG Join Buttons: (ready-to-use pay-to-join button graphics)

Here’s some examples of the graphics included in the Membership Site Graphics Pack - and remember you can use them for FREE - so get your copy today!


Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank vendor: Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank affiliate:

• • •

Membership Site Profits - How To Earn Auto-Pilot Income

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank Vendor and Affiliate, and has been for more than 14 years. We earn money by selling our own products through ClickBank, as well as earning affiliate commission on other products sold by ClickBank, including ClickBank’s own products/services. Products/services mentioned in this review include products which we are affiliates of, and which we may earn a commission if you buy one of these products after following a link from this review.

Membership Site ProfitsOne of the clever way for ClickBank vendors to generate more revenue is to create a membership site rather than selling individual eBooks or software downloads. This is because membership sites allow you to make regular recurring sales to your customers, rather than indivudual one-off sales: the customer does not pay once to get your eBook - instead the customers pays every single month to continue to access your private member’s website.

ClickBank includes some really cool features designed to help smooth running your membership site, including most importantly, "Recurring Billing". "Recurring Billing" simply means that your customers enter their credit card or payment details once, but they continue be billed automatically every month until they decide to cancel their membership.

That said however, even with help from ClickBank, you need to still
take care of all the other aspects of running your membership site, including writing an effective pitch page that persuades people to join your membership site, creating content for your membership site that people will pay to see, and some technical/administrative aspects such as maintaining your list of members (although the right software, used properly, can make this task easy).

Here are some tools and resources for creating and running your own membership site:

  • Software:
    • Easy Member Pro: This is software that you can install (or have installed for you) on your website that automates the admin-side of running a membership site such as adding new members, removing members, etc. This probably the market-leader, perhaps the most flexible software choice, but it is still fairly technical in terms of setting it up, etc. If you are an experienced webmaster, this should probably be the first package that you should look at.
    • Member Desk: This package offers a really easy and quick way of setting up a membership site. It’s ideal for people who are not technical, or who don’t want to waste time messing with the tech-side. In short, if you are not a technical wizard, or you don’t want to devote much time to the technical side of things, then look at this package first.
  • Guides:
  • Graphics:
    • Membership Site Graphics Pack: This is a free set of graphics that your company have put together for owners of membership sites. It includes various "Join" payment buttons, as well as lots of attractive membership cards. I will also write a separate post specifically about this package, but you can dwonload it and check out the graphics for yourself. If you want even more graphics for your sales-letters, pitch-pages, or general internet-marketing needs, please check out out low-cost paid graphics packages: Internet Marketing Graphics Pack, and our ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack ("CB Vendor Graphics Pack").

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• • •

March 12, 2013

CBRocket 4.00 - Downloading the ClickBank Marketplace

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank Vendor and Affiliate, and has been for more than 14 years. We earn money by selling our own products through ClickBank, as well as earning affiliate commission on other products sold by ClickBank, including ClickBank’s own products/services.

CBRocket is a PHP Script which allows you to download the entire ClickBank marketplace to a MySQL Database on your website. Once downloaded, you can then setup a ClickBank search engine/mall as part of your site - allowing you to display all of the 12,000+ ClickBank products as part of your web-pages, all tagged with your affiliate id (so you can earn commissions on sales of any of them).

As we’ve previously mentioned, ClickBank have made some major changes recently. One of the biggest, but less obvious changes is that the marketplace is only visible on ClickBank’s site after you log-in - so it can only be seen by ClickBank vendors and affiliates. Now that ClickBank’s own marketplace pages are not visible to most of the internet - this of course opens up a gap in the search engines, and a potential opportunity for those who want to cash in on that gap…

Anyway, unlike some of our rivals, CBRocket is fully compatible with the new ClickBank website.

What’s more, CBRocket downloads the ClickBank marketplace data super-quick. Although be fair, the download time does depend on your web host. I tried it on a couple of hosts myself - on one, it took seconds, but the other did take a couple of minutes. Either way, that’s not bad for downloading more than 12,000 products all tagged with an affiliate link! Please also note,

  1. You don’t have to download the marketplace data very often - only when you want to update the listings on your website.
  2. When CBRocket downloads the marketplace data, it can do so into temporary tables - so downloading does not require any website down-time, and your visitors will not even be aware an update is in progress.

I’ve made a quick video of the download process, which is perhaps not that interesting to many (it mainly shows the logs of what technical process is going on during the download - which most users will simply ignore after clicking the download button), but I’m sure some people will be curious:

Once you’ve downloaded the data, what can you do - display a search engine of ClickBank data, with your template, your banners, your affiliate id, as part of your site. Here’s a live demo for you to check out.

Find out more about CBRocket, or get a copy to install on your website, at ScriptRocket.com

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• • •
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