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March 6, 2013

Changes at ClickBank - ClickBank Powered & Audience Builder

Category: Affiliate Programs, eBook Marketing & Publishing, ClickBank — Answers 2000 @ 12:46 pm

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank Vendor and Affiliate, and has been for more than 14 years. We earn money by selling our own products through ClickBank, as well as earning affiliate commission on other products sold by ClickBank, including ClickBank’s own products/services. We are also an AWeber affiliate, and earn commissions from sale of their services.

If you’re not already a member, you will recall that ClickBank is an online retailer that you integrate with your website. In the past there were two ways of joining ClickBank:

  1. ClickBank Vendor: You can easily sell your own downloadable products from your website (such as software or eBooks). You also get access to all the affiliate features (see below). There was a one-time US $49.95 setup fee associated with activating a vendor account, as well as some deductions that apply to your earnings, including transaction fees on your own sales, and check issuing fees, etc.
  2. ClickBank Affiliate: You can use special links to earn to other vendors, and earn commissions on sales that you refer. Setting up your account was free, but there were some deductions that apply to your earnings, for your own sales, such as check issuing fees, etc.

ClickBank have now revised their site, and there are now four different ways to join:

  1. Vendors - ClickBank DIY - this appears to be basically the old ClickBank vendor option. Cost: one-time $49.95 setup fee, plus transaction fees, check issuing fees, etc. You need to provide your own web hosting, but this the most flexible option, and this will be the option our company will continue to use.
  2. Vendors - ClickBank Powered - Cost: From $47/month (as well as transaction fees, etc.). With this option, ClickBank provides web hosting and tools to get your site up and running quickly. They also can provide training and support. In other words, it’s ideal for somebody who doesn’t have the skills or ability to setup their own ClickBank site.
  3. Affiliates - ClickBank for Affiliates - Cost: Free (but check issue fees, etc.). This appears to be the old ClickBank affiliate option.
  4. Affiliates - ClickBank Audience Builder - Cost: $27/month. You join ClickBank as an affiliate and earn commissions on sales of third party products, but ClickBank provide you with hosting, an autoresponder, etc. This option seems to be mainly aimed at novices who are new to affiliate marketing, and who are looking for an easy entry point.

All these options are very interesting, and I’m sure they will allow ClickBank to reach a whole new set of vendors and affiliates. That said, I do hope that ClickBank doesn’t lose focus - they need to remember that their main business is enabling the sale of digital products to end-users (the people reading the eBooks, etc.) rather than taking money directly from vendors/affiliates.

One other point worth considering, which isn’t entirely clear is whether the web hosting, autoresponder, etc., provided in “ClickBank Audience Builder” and “ClickBank Powered” will be as good as the best of breed provided by specialist vendors in these categories - for example, will ClickBank’s autoresponder be as good as that provided by AWeber?

Lastly, one concern that I would have if I was using “ClickBank Audience Builder” and “ClickBank Powered” is that all my eggs are in one basket. If I were ever to fall-out with ClickBank (hopefully not likely, as I’ve been with them for 14 years, and have a good relationship - but I like to be prepared for the worst case scenario), then since my websites are not hosted with ClickBank, I could always switch to another retailer or payment provider. However if I were using ClickBank’s hosting, I might not have that option.

Anyway it will be interesting to see how it pans out - I expect there will be some fascinating stories (including hopefully some big success stories) as people start to explore the new ClickBank capabilities!

Note: All prices in this article are current at the time of writing, but ClickBank may vary them at any time. They do not include VAT or Sales Tax which may or may not apply depending on your geographic location.

Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank vendor: Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank affiliate:

• • •

February 8, 2013

ClickBank Vendor Graphics - Turbo-charge your sales letters and pitch pages

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank Vendor and Affiliate. We earn money by selling our own products through ClickBank, as well as earning affiliate commission on other products sold by ClickBank, including ClickBank’s own products/services.

If you want to sell a product online such as an eBook, software. or access to a private member’s site, then becoming a ClickBank Vendor is one of the most effective ways to automate your sales process, and boost your marketing efforts… our company has been a ClickBank vendor for nearly 14 years for this reason!

Advantages of using ClickBank include:

  1. Customers can pay you via credit card, debit card, or using PayPal, including in multiple currencies.
  2. Easy to setup.
  3. Compatible with most web sites/hosts.
  4. Reliable and pays regularly - up to weekly if you choose direct deposit, or biweekly if you choose to be paid by check.
  5. You never need to directly expose your own PayPal account to customers around the world. I personally feel more comfortable with this given all the reports of people having trouble with PayPal locking accounts because of customer-fraud and so forth.
  6. ClickBank handles all the complicated ecommerce SSL stuff for you
  7. ClickBank handles all the complicated stuff about US sales taxes, VAT rates, etc. You sell to them (they act as the retailer), and they deal with the tax complications of selling to end-user customers in different locations.
  8. ClickBank has an extremely good anti-fraud systems
  9. ClickBank has a huge network of affiliates who will promote your product in return for a percentage commission. ClickBank handles all the complicated affiliate tracking, and pays affiliates reliably (this is important as it takes a hassle of your hands, plus since affiliates are confident they will be paid, they are prepared to promote harder).

To get started selling your own products with ClickBank you need 3 things:

  1. A product you can sell, such as an eBook or software (if you don’t have one, you could start by using a resell rights product.
  2. A ClickBank Vendor account.
  3. A website to promote your product - containing the sales letter (known in ClickBank’s terminology as the “Pitch Page”), and the web-pages that deliver the product (known in ClickBank’s terminology as the “Thank you Page”).

How much can you sell through ClickBank? There’s no limit, but the amount you sell will depend on three main factors:

  1. The quality and value-for-money of your product
  2. The amount of targeted traffic you can get (the number of people who see your sales-letter on your pitch-page)
  3. The quality of the your pitch-page - so effective copywriting and a killer-presentation are absolutely crucial.

The new ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack can go a long way to improving your ClickBank pitch pages. It contains over 1,000 ready-to-use graphics files specifically chosen for ClickBank vendors, including:

  • Add-to-cart buttons, order buttons, join now buttons, order buttons, Belcher buttons, etc.
  • Guarantee badges and seals
  • Membership card graphics
  • Sales, special offer, and price, labels and stickers
  • Feature and alert notices
  • Money clip-art, stars, arrow, bullet points, check marks
  • And much more…

Here’s one example graphic:

…but you can see a lot more examples, and a lot more detail, by going to the page about the ClickBank Vendor Graphics Pack.

Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank vendor: Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank affiliate:

• • •

December 16, 2012

My First Kindle Book - Weight Loss Journey - Get It FREE (read it on Kindle or PC)

Disclosure: We earn commission from sales of this book. We also may earn commission if you purchase a product from Amazon after following a link from this website.

Weight Loss Journey: How a Middle Aged Man Lost Weight, Kept It Off, and Radically Improved His Fitness - And How You Can TooI’ve just finished writing my first Kindle book, and it’s now live on Amazon. The book is called "Weight Loss Journey: How a Middle Aged Man Lost Weight, Kept It Off, and Radically Improved His Fitness - And How You Can Too" - quite a mouthful - or just "Weight Loss Journey" for short.

The book contains the the true-life story of how I improved my health, changed my lifestyle, fixed my diet, lost over 70 pounds, and how I’ve kept the weight off. But this isn’t just my story, I aim to help others lose weight, too.

The book will be available for FREE download to your Kindle from Amazon’s site during the following times:

  • December 18th/19th:
    Pacific Standard Time: All day December 18th
    Eastern Standard Time: 3am (December 18th) to 3am (December 19th)
    GMT: 8am (December 18th) to 8am (December 19th)

  • December 26th to 29th/30th:
    Pacific Standard Time: All day December 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th
    Eastern Standard Time: 3am (December 26th) to 3am (December 30th)
    GMT: 8am (December 26th) to 8am (December 30th)

(all times are approximate).

Please download a complementary copy, during one of these times. I would very much appreciate if you posted some review comments on Amazon’s website too - hopefully kind ones.

Here are some links to the book:

So I do hope you will download a copy, especially if you get bored during the Christmas holidays, or if losing weight is going to be your New Year’s Resolution. As I said, I would also very much appreciate if people posted review comments, hopefully kind ones, on Amazon’s website. Thanks!

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read my ebook on your PC:

If you don’t have a Kindle:

1. There is a PC app to read Kindle books

If you download the app, and open it. The first time, you will be asked for Amazon log-in details (email and password you use to log-in when shopping at Amazon)

2. Near the top right corner is a button to “Shop in Kindle Store” (it looks kind of flat buttons is a button). Click it.

3. Your web browser will open on Amazon’s website

4. In the Amazon search box (near top centre of web browser) type “Sunil Tanna” - without the quotes

5. My book should be the first/only result. Click it.

6. You are now the detail page for my book. Click the “Buy” button (of course you probably want to do this during the period the book is free - the price will shown on Amazon during these periods as zero/free).

7. The browser may prompt you to log-in to Amazon’s site again. Fill out the details if necessary. If you are given a choice of downloading to your Kindle or PC, simply choose PC from the dropdown box.

8. After a few moments, my book will able in the “Downloads” list in the Kindle PC app


• • •

December 12, 2012

ClickBank Advice for Affiliates & Vendors - from the ClickBank King!

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank Vendor and Affiliate, and has been for more than 14 years. We earn money by selling our own products through ClickBank, as well as earning affiliate commission on other products sold by ClickBank, including ClickBank’s own products/services, and Harvey’s products. We may earn a commission if you purchase a product/service after following a link from this website.

If you are a ClickBank vendor or affiliate, I’m going to strongly urge you to look at some guides written by Harvey Segal, who I believe is the world’s top independent expert on ClickBank - and who was been nicknamed by some as the “ClickBank King”.

First some disclosures:

  1. Harvey’s given me free review copies of his books.
  2. I am in Harvey’s affiliate program, and may earn a commission if you purchase after following links from this website.
  3. I have met Harvey in person a handful times, including at at least 1 ClickBank event

So what can I say:

First of all, Harvey really is an expert on all things ClickBank. He is meticulous and he keeps up to date.

Secondly, he has a knack of writing in a very clear and understandable fashion, presenting things in a straightforward way, and is very good an organizing information into a digestible format.

Thirdly, while it’s true that there is a lot of free information out there (on the Internet) about ClickBank, the fact is you can’t always trust it. Either somebody is trying to pitch you so hard, they don’t quite tell you the whole story. Or, sometimes people aren’t up to date with how ClickBank has changed over the years. Or sometimes information is simply wrong.

In my own personal experience, when I found some outdated information accidentally left on ClickBank’s own website (and high in the Google search results), and talked to Harvey about it, he directed me to the correct current information. Likewise, in a recent discussion thread about ClickBank payment issues, again Harvey was more up to date than some of ClickBank’s own help pages (I confirmed Harvey was correct when I read a posting from a ClickBank employee in the UK ClickBank Facebook group). Now, obviously I can not personally attest to every single statement in Harvey’s encyclopedic guides, but I think this shows his level of dedication, and his commitment to being accurate and current.

In summary, if you are putting serious amounts of efforts or money into promoting ClickBank products, or selling your own products through ClickBank, I think these guides should be a no-brainer.

Finally, I would point with ClickBank’s new risk tiers, aside from anything else, you probably really want to look at reducing your refund rate, the subject of Harvey’s 3rd book.

A few details on each of the guides:

ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

  • 53 Pages
  • PDF
  • Including Preface/Table of Contents/9 Chapters/4 Appendices
  • From start (a new affiliate signing-up) to product selection to promotion methods to most importantly, getting paid
  • Many links, tips, and technical information

ClickBank Vendor SuperTips

  • 62 Pages
  • PDF
  • Including Preface/Table of Contents/14 Chapters/3 Appendices
  • Many links, tips, and technical information (actually I just discovered something I didn’t know, when browsing again on p51)

Stop Those ClickBank Refunds

  • 34 Pages
  • PDF
  • Including Preface/Table of Contents/13 Chapters/3 Appendices
  • Mostly aimed at vendors (only 1 appendix is really aimed at affiliates as far as I can see)
  • Perhaps not as technical as the other guides, but includes good information about how to present your product to reduce refunds, answer emails etc., including template emails.
  • And, given ClickBank’s new policies on refunds, very important!

Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank vendor: Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank affiliate:

• • •

November 23, 2012

How to Create eBook Cover Graphics Video

Category: eBook Marketing & Publishing — Answers 2000 @ 2:29 pm

As you probably know, we offer software at CoverFactory.com for creating eBook cover graphics and box shots. That is the 3D-style graphics that are often used to represent eBooks or downloadable software.

Once created the graphics can be used within an eBook (for example on the intro page, or as the splash graphic shown when the eBook is starting), or on websites, advertising materials, etc.

I’ve recently been experimenting with creating video demos of some of our software, so with new further ado, here are the videos. I won’t pretend they are highly polished studio products, but nevertheless I think that you may find them useful.

Video 1:

Video 2:

And if you want to download a free trial of CoverFactory, or check out some graphics made using the software, please go to CoverFactory.com


• • •

December 25, 2011

New Version of eBook Power - Multimedia Add-On for eBook

Category: Company Announcements, eBook Marketing & Publishing — Answers 2000 @ 2:22 am

We’ve just released a new version of the Advanced Multimedia Extension for Activ E-Book Compiler. It’s version 5.03.

The Advanced Multimedia Extension, web site eBookPower.com, is an add-on product for Activ E-Book Compiler that allows you to add some nifty video, sound and other multimedia effects to eBooks, including full-screen video, pop-up window video, and more.

If you want to see the sort of thing that it can do - check out the free demo!

Merry Xmas!


• • •

March 17, 2007

Hungarian Translation of Activ E-Book Compiler Updated - Updated

Category: Company Announcements, eBook Marketing & Publishing — Answers 2000 @ 11:29 pm

One of the best features of Activ E-Book Compiler is to create eBooks with all the menus, dialogs, etc., translated into a language of your choice. While you can do these translations yourself, several of our users have created translations and been kind enough to share them with other users. These include translations into Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Spanish Castellano. Gábor Kisfaludi who created a Hungarian translated, has just updated it with an improved version, and this is now available for download.

July 2nd 2007 - Gábor Kisfaludi has been a busy bee - and provided a further update to the Hungarian translation. It’s now available at the usual place.


• • •

March 3, 2007

eBook Covers - CoverFactory 2.50 Released

Category: Company Announcements, eBook Marketing & Publishing — Answers 2000 @ 9:38 pm

As you probably know, CoverFactory is our program for creating 3D-style eBook cover images (and images of software boxes, membership cards, CD-ROMs, floppy disks, zip disks, etc….). I’ve already written recently about some improvements that we’ve made to the CoverFactory.com web site so that site better reflects what the software can do. I have some additional news: today, we have released a new version, version 2.50 of CoverFactory.

If you’re an existing customer, you can upgrade to the new version free of charge: instructions are on the download page. And, if you’ve not purchased CoverFactory, why not download the free trial version and try the program out for yourself.

The most important changes in the new version are enhancements to usability. These changes are intended to make it easier for a novice user to produce a high quality cover image. The changes include enabling the Enhanced detail and Soften Edges functions by default (which both can help to produce a better final image). We’ve also made the default cover size larger, and we’ve started off the Background, Render and Layout tabs at 100% zoom.

Additionally, there are also improvements in the quality of the rendered images, the Help instructions, and in the user interface of the program. The user interface improvements include making the font preview larger and much easier to see.

Anyway, why not download it and you can see yourself. I think you’ll like the new version.


• • •

March 1, 2007

eBook Covers - CoverFactory.com Updated - and Some Tips for Users

Category: Company Announcements, eBook Marketing & Publishing — Answers 2000 @ 3:55 am

CoverFactory is our company’s software for making 3D images of eBook Covers, Software Boxes, Membership cards, etc. It’s evolved into very powerful software, and it’s way cheaper than the competition, but I recently realized that we were underselling it. And by "underselling it, I don’t mean that we want to raise the price!

The problem was that CoverFactory has improved with time, and got substantially better. However, despite several releases of the program, the example images on the web site, hadn’t been updated. As a result, the examples didn’t fairly reflect the capabilities of the program.

The CoverFactory home page and the gallery of sample eBook Covers on the site have now both been updated. I think that they now give a fairer reflection of what the program is capable of, even in an ordinary mortal’s hands (Sunil: all the images were created by me - and I am absolutely not a computer artist).

I thought it was worth describing the procedure that was used to improve the images, so here it is, step-by-step:

  1. I had saved all the old cover projects made with a much earlier version of the program, so I could of course simply load them in using Open… on the File menu. Some of my projects were in fact so old (made using 2.00) that recreating the background (see this tip) helped. In my case, I couldn’t quite remember which projects these were, so I simply recreated the background on all my projects.
  2. The default size that CoverFactory renders covers at, is 200X200 pixels. That is actually pretty small on modern screens (we may increase the default in a future version), and if you really want to see the detail of the final image, you’ll probably want to render the cover bigger than that. You can do this by going to the Background tab, double clicking where it says Image, and then changing the size on the second page of the wizard that is displayed. The examples at the top of the CoverFactory.com home page are 200X200 and 300X300 pixels. The bigger examples (halfway down and at the bottom of the home page) are 615X615 pixels.
  3. This next point does not actually affect the quality of your final cover, but it is nevertheless important. The Render tab in CoverFactory, by default, displays the final cover zoomed in to fit the available screen area. As on most computers, the screen area is larger than the cover image that is being rendered, the image is zoomed in (enlarged), which can be deceptive - it can make it appear as if your final cover is going to be chunky and pixelated. On the Render tab click the 100% toolbar button (or View menu, then Zoom sub option, and finally 100%) to see your cover as it really is.
  4. When we wrote CoverFactory, even though we put a lot of effort into optimizing the rendering process, it could still take a couple of minutes for larger more complex images. Therefore, we provided options to control the trade-off between quality and speed. Of course, since then, the average desktop computer has become substantially faster. which means that you’ll probably find CoverFactory’s rendering is fast enough even when set to its highest quality. To get the top quality do this:
    • On the Render tab under Rendering Options, double click on Detail and set it to Enhanced.
    • Also on the Render tab under Rendering Options, double click on Soften Edges and set it to Yes.
  5. If you’ve read the tips on the CoverFactory web site, you’ll already know from this tip that enabling Folds Shown (under Object Properties in the Render tab) works best if Soften Edges is also enabled. In our sample images, we did indeed use this combination on some images - we found they they worked best for us when we choose a Folds Color that was subtlely different from the other colors around it in the cover, rather than something that stuck out like a sore thumb.

That’s it for now - do check out the new CoverFactory.com, and if you haven’t already purchased it, why not download the free trial version of CoverFactory.


• • •

February 20, 2007

Preparing eBooks using OpenOffice.org’s Impress

Category: eBook Marketing & Publishing — Answers 2000 @ 1:09 am

As described in my previous article, OpenOffice.org is a free office suite (although you can buy a copy of OpenOffice.org if you prefer). I’ve found it very easy to create eBooks using OpenOffice.org - far easier than it is us the far more expensive Microsoft Office. In the last article, I wrote about Writer, the word processor in OpenOffice.org, in this one, I’ll talk about Impress, the presentation package in OpenOffice.org.

Before we start with the tutorial, let me just mention one of the biggest advantages of using Impress (in OpenOffice.org) as opposed to Microsoft PowerPoint (in Microsoft Office): when you convert to HTML in Impress - you can turn off the use of frames. This is a huge advantage, because it means that Activ E-Book Compiler’s Search and Table of Contents functions, just work, absolutely perfectly, without any fiddling around. This is such a big advantage that it means if you have a PowerPoint presentation, and want high-quality quick version into an eBook, possibly the best way to do it is to open the presentation in Impress, and convert from there (and yes Impress can read PowerPoint files).

As with the last article, before the tutorial I need to display a quick legal notice, which OpenOffice.org’s marketing people said I should include: OpenOffice.org is a registered trade mark used with permission of the OpenOffice.org Community, http://www.openoffice.org.

Anyway, here’s the tutorial (prepared using OpenOffice.org 2.1 - so if you have a different version of OpenOffice.org, there may be some differences):-

Creating Your Source Files Using OpenOffice.org Impress 2.1

This page shows you how to create the the content that will go inside (the source files) your E-Book using OpenOffice.org Impress 2.1.

Before You Start

There are a few key points to understand before you start:

  1. The best way to work with Impress is to create your entire presentation as normal, and then convert the entire presentation into HTML (so it can be used as the content for your E-Book). In other words, the whole presentation becames the content of the E-Book.
    • When you do this conversion, the 1 presentation file will be converted into a whole series of files in the your source folder.
    • This conversion process is done from within OpenOffice.org Impress (but don’t worry, we explain the steps below).
    • During the conversion process, Impress will automatically add navigation buttons (etc.) to the pages allowing the user to move through the slides.
    • Provided you follow our instructions below, your pictures and graphics will automatically be saved in the appropriate folder and linked correctly from the other files created. If you do not follow the instructions, then pictures may be saved incorrectly, and when you view the E-Book (or worse one of your customers views the E-Book) they will see missing images in your pages.

  2. You can create hyperlinks from your slides to web sites (see instructions below). However, as Impress will link the slides to each other, there is no need to add links between the slides.
  3. Please be aware that the OpenOffice.org Impress feature that converts from its own document format to HTML may have some limitations, so it is possible that you may lose some details of your formatting during the conversion process in Impress.

Preparing Your Impress Presentation

As mentioned previously, if you use a web editing program, or a program like OpenOffice.org Word, you would normally want to work directly with your source files. However with Impress it is easier to create your content as a native Impress presentation and then convert the content into sources files later.

  1. Start OpenOffice.org Impress 2.1.
  2. Create your Impress presentaton exactly as normal.
  3. Save the presentation in the normal way (using the Save As menu option), with the Save as type field, set to OpenDocument Presentation (.odp) into the normal location that you use for your OpenOffice.org documents, for example C:\My Documents\.

Using Hyperlinks in Impress Presentations

As part of the normal process of creating Impress presentations, you can add hyperlinks to web sites.

  1. Place the insertion point (the caret) where the text that will eventually become the hyperlink will go.

    Impress 2.1 - Placing the caret

  2. Click Hyperlink which is on the Insert menu.

    You will see this dialog box:

    Impress 2.1 - Inserting a hyperlink: step 1

  3. Make sure Internet is selected on the list of options on the left hand side.
    • In the text field labelled Target, enter the URL of the web page or web site that the hyperlink will lead to. Always include http://, at the beginning of the hyperlink. For example, even though we commonly say www.yahoo.com or yahoo.com, the full URL is really http://www.yahoo.com - and we must always enter the full URL when setting up hyperlinks.
    • In the text field labelled Text enter the text to use for the hyperlink.

    Impress 2.1 - Inserting a hyperlink: step 2

    Click Apply and then Close, and you have now added the hyperlink.

    The text of the hyperlink may initially show up as selected like this:

    Impress 2.1 - Your hyperlink is ready but selected

    So click elsewhere on the slide to unselect the text, and you’re done. Your screen should look something like this:

    Impress 2.1 - Your hyperlink is ready

Converting Impress to HTML

Only after your presentation is completed and saved in the normal OpenOffice.org Impress presentation format (known as OpenDocument Presentation (.odP)), should you think about converting your presentation into E-Book source files. You will want to store all the source files in their own folder, for example, a folder called. C:\MyBook\source\. If you used Activ Quick Project, you should already have an empty folder created and ready to work in.

Here is the procedure to use when you’re ready:

  1. Start Impress and open your saved Presentation.
  2. Click Export… on the File menu.

    You will want to save into the source folder, for example, C:\MyBook\source\.

    NOTE: When you do this, your presentation will actually be stored in several files in this folder. The main file of which will be index. Because there are a whole bunch of files for each presentation, it is best to always keep different projects separate from each other, by using a different source folder for each presentation that is being converted into an E-Book.

    One other thing of note, is that when you do Export in Impress 2.1, there are a lot of options about how the information is saved (we will go through these options in moment). To avoid having to re-enter these options each time, Impress 2.1 has a feature called designs. These are basically a saved set of the options, that specify how the program should save into HTML. We do not cover designs in this tutorial, but if you use Impress a lot, then you may want to learn about them later from the OpenOffice.org help or from a manual.

  3. The Export… menu will first display a dialog which allows you to select which folder you want export the presentation to, under what file name, and in which file format.

    Navigate to your source folder (for example C:\MyBook\source\), enter the file name as index, and set the File format to HTML Document (OpenOffice.org Impress) (.html) as shown below - then click Save.

    Impress 2.1 - Preparing to export as HTML

  4. Impress will now display a "wizard" which guides you step-by-step through the export process. In this wizard, you should complete each screen, and then press Next>>.
  5. The first screen of the wizard allows you to pick an existing design (if you have one or more set up) or start a new layout. We do not cover designs in this tutorial, so select the New design radio button, then press Next>>.

    Impress 2.1 - HTML Export: step 1

  6. The next screen allows you to choose how to present your the presentation after conversion. You should select Standard HTML format as the Publication type, but you may check or uncheck Create title page and Show notes as you feel appropriate. When you are ready, press Next>>.

    Impress 2.1 - HTML Export: step 2

  7. The next screen allows you to choose to allows you to how you would like your presentation converted into HTML. You can choose whatever options you prefer. When you are ready, press Next>>.

    Impress 2.1 - HTML Export: step 3

  8. The next screen is only shown if you chose to Create a title page. If you did not chose to Create a title page, skip to the next step in this tutorial.

    You can fill out the text how you want. Then, when you are ready, press Next>>.

    Impress 2.1 - HTML Export: step 4

  9. The next screen allows you to select the type of navigation buttons to be added to your presentation. Choose whatever options you want, then, press Next>>.

    Impress 2.1 - HTML Export: step 5

  10. The final screen of the wizard allows you to choose the colors for your presentation. You can choose whatever options you want, then, allows you to select the type of navigation buttons to be added to your presentation. Choose whatever options you want, then, press Create to convert the presentation to HTML.

    Impress 2.1 - HTML Export: step 6

    You will be asked if you wish to save the Design (all the settings you just entered in the wizard). Since we are not covering Designs in this tutorial, for now you should just click Do Not Save.

    Impress 2.1 - Saving HTML Design

  11. The conversion to HTML is now complete!
  12. If you want to make changes later, all your need to do is:
    • Modify your presentation in the normal way using Impress.
    • Save the changes in the OpenDocument Presentation (.odp) format.
    • Repeat the above procedure for saving your presentation as HTML. Before doing this, it’s a good idea to either clear all the files out of your source folder (do not delete the original Presentation file!), or save the Presentation as HTML in a brand new empty folder (in the latter case, you’ll also need to update the selected folder in Activ E-Book Compiler using Edit/Scan Folder…). This is so that you don’t get files left-over from the last iteration in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., version of your E-Book.


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