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December 2012
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December 16, 2012

My First Kindle Book - Weight Loss Journey - Get It FREE (read it on Kindle or PC)

Disclosure: We earn commission from sales of this book. We also may earn commission if you purchase a product from Amazon after following a link from this website.

Weight Loss Journey: How a Middle Aged Man Lost Weight, Kept It Off, and Radically Improved His Fitness - And How You Can TooI’ve just finished writing my first Kindle book, and it’s now live on Amazon. The book is called "Weight Loss Journey: How a Middle Aged Man Lost Weight, Kept It Off, and Radically Improved His Fitness - And How You Can Too" - quite a mouthful - or just "Weight Loss Journey" for short.

The book contains the the true-life story of how I improved my health, changed my lifestyle, fixed my diet, lost over 70 pounds, and how I’ve kept the weight off. But this isn’t just my story, I aim to help others lose weight, too.

The book will be available for FREE download to your Kindle from Amazon’s site during the following times:

  • December 18th/19th:
    Pacific Standard Time: All day December 18th
    Eastern Standard Time: 3am (December 18th) to 3am (December 19th)
    GMT: 8am (December 18th) to 8am (December 19th)

  • December 26th to 29th/30th:
    Pacific Standard Time: All day December 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th
    Eastern Standard Time: 3am (December 26th) to 3am (December 30th)
    GMT: 8am (December 26th) to 8am (December 30th)

(all times are approximate).

Please download a complementary copy, during one of these times. I would very much appreciate if you posted some review comments on Amazon’s website too - hopefully kind ones.

Here are some links to the book:

So I do hope you will download a copy, especially if you get bored during the Christmas holidays, or if losing weight is going to be your New Year’s Resolution. As I said, I would also very much appreciate if people posted review comments, hopefully kind ones, on Amazon’s website. Thanks!

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read my ebook on your PC:

If you don’t have a Kindle:

1. There is a PC app to read Kindle books

If you download the app, and open it. The first time, you will be asked for Amazon log-in details (email and password you use to log-in when shopping at Amazon)

2. Near the top right corner is a button to “Shop in Kindle Store” (it looks kind of flat buttons is a button). Click it.

3. Your web browser will open on Amazon’s website

4. In the Amazon search box (near top centre of web browser) type “Sunil Tanna” - without the quotes

5. My book should be the first/only result. Click it.

6. You are now the detail page for my book. Click the “Buy” button (of course you probably want to do this during the period the book is free - the price will shown on Amazon during these periods as zero/free).

7. The browser may prompt you to log-in to Amazon’s site again. Fill out the details if necessary. If you are given a choice of downloading to your Kindle or PC, simply choose PC from the dropdown box.

8. After a few moments, my book will able in the “Downloads” list in the Kindle PC app


• • •

December 12, 2012

ClickBank Advice for Affiliates & Vendors - from the ClickBank King!

Disclosure: Our company is a ClickBank Vendor and Affiliate, and has been for more than 14 years. We earn money by selling our own products through ClickBank, as well as earning affiliate commission on other products sold by ClickBank, including ClickBank’s own products/services, and Harvey’s products. We may earn a commission if you purchase a product/service after following a link from this website.

If you are a ClickBank vendor or affiliate, I’m going to strongly urge you to look at some guides written by Harvey Segal, who I believe is the world’s top independent expert on ClickBank - and who was been nicknamed by some as the “ClickBank King”.

First some disclosures:

  1. Harvey’s given me free review copies of his books.
  2. I am in Harvey’s affiliate program, and may earn a commission if you purchase after following links from this website.
  3. I have met Harvey in person a handful times, including at at least 1 ClickBank event

So what can I say:

First of all, Harvey really is an expert on all things ClickBank. He is meticulous and he keeps up to date.

Secondly, he has a knack of writing in a very clear and understandable fashion, presenting things in a straightforward way, and is very good an organizing information into a digestible format.

Thirdly, while it’s true that there is a lot of free information out there (on the Internet) about ClickBank, the fact is you can’t always trust it. Either somebody is trying to pitch you so hard, they don’t quite tell you the whole story. Or, sometimes people aren’t up to date with how ClickBank has changed over the years. Or sometimes information is simply wrong.

In my own personal experience, when I found some outdated information accidentally left on ClickBank’s own website (and high in the Google search results), and talked to Harvey about it, he directed me to the correct current information. Likewise, in a recent discussion thread about ClickBank payment issues, again Harvey was more up to date than some of ClickBank’s own help pages (I confirmed Harvey was correct when I read a posting from a ClickBank employee in the UK ClickBank Facebook group). Now, obviously I can not personally attest to every single statement in Harvey’s encyclopedic guides, but I think this shows his level of dedication, and his commitment to being accurate and current.

In summary, if you are putting serious amounts of efforts or money into promoting ClickBank products, or selling your own products through ClickBank, I think these guides should be a no-brainer.

Finally, I would point with ClickBank’s new risk tiers, aside from anything else, you probably really want to look at reducing your refund rate, the subject of Harvey’s 3rd book.

A few details on each of the guides:

ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

  • 53 Pages
  • PDF
  • Including Preface/Table of Contents/9 Chapters/4 Appendices
  • From start (a new affiliate signing-up) to product selection to promotion methods to most importantly, getting paid
  • Many links, tips, and technical information

ClickBank Vendor SuperTips

  • 62 Pages
  • PDF
  • Including Preface/Table of Contents/14 Chapters/3 Appendices
  • Many links, tips, and technical information (actually I just discovered something I didn’t know, when browsing again on p51)

Stop Those ClickBank Refunds

  • 34 Pages
  • PDF
  • Including Preface/Table of Contents/13 Chapters/3 Appendices
  • Mostly aimed at vendors (only 1 appendix is really aimed at affiliates as far as I can see)
  • Perhaps not as technical as the other guides, but includes good information about how to present your product to reduce refunds, answer emails etc., including template emails.
  • And, given ClickBank’s new policies on refunds, very important!

Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank vendor: Here are some other articles that you might like if you are a ClickBank affiliate:

• • •


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